Hi! I’m Toyin Johnson - an experienced Professional with a knack for coaching and mentoring. I’m an avid traveler by interest and a knowledge gatherer by nature.

A person is often described as either a generalist or specialist.  However, I’m not one or the other, but both. Having explored the depths of various fields such as Information Systems Technology, Business, Nursing and Fashion, I am a professional with multi-dimensional perspectives.

My journey to discovery of self and profession began with a bitter turning point in 1999 when my mother passed away.  I had just graduated with a degree in English from Edo State University, Nigeria. At a time when my peers celebrated the joys of becoming graduates and emerging into ‘fully-fledged’ adults, I became an orphan.  Refusing to resolve to hopelessness, I desperately sought an escape and all roads led to Canada.

Although I hadn’t considered the prospects of a career in technology, I enrolled in an Information Systems Technology diploma program at Devry Institute of Technology because of the high demand at the time.  Barely a year later, the Y2K tech burst ensued and I secured my first entry-level role at RBC. I had always wanted a banking career so it started to feel like things lines were falling for me in pleasant places.  As my career began to take shape, so did my new family - a loving husband and two amazing sons.

A couple years passed by and unfulfillment began to set in, so I created a new path for myself in Nursing.  While, the transition from a Banking career might seem like a complete detour, I felt like I was coming home, as my dad was a Nurse and my family members are all medical professionals.  Closer to the end of my program, I started my practical experience in a Palliative care and the reality of death set in, bringing back memories of unfortunate events.  My tipping point was caring for a new immigrant woman who was battling stage 4 cancer. Watching her go through her end of life was unbearable for me so I packed up my scrubs and began a new search.  This time I was more introspective.

With the guidance and mentorship of trusted Advisors, I further explored the field of Business Analysis (technology delivery), birthing my true passions.  Business Analysis slowly morphed into Project and Program Management, till my focus became Business Modernization, Transformation and Technology Delivery. My progression in this career has led to a successful 17-year experience in the field.  


"We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit"

- Aristotle


Today, I am focused on helping organizations assess their readiness for business process automation, new technology, developing roadmaps that align with business strategies and creating a competitive advantage.  My expertise also includes technology delivery, stakeholder management, efficiency monitoring, cost reduction, business architecture, process optimization and human capital management. Since discovering my professional focus, my keen interest in acquiring knowledge has not waned.  Even with 5 certifications, I recently completed my MBA, specializing in Strategy & Planning from Warwick Business School.

Hold tight, though, there could still be another professional pivot.  Maybe, I’d become a pilot someday. Who knows? My thirst for the new and my love for travel just might take me into unchartered waters.

I have many stories to tell, but most importantly much value to add. If you are looking to grow in your career, let’s connect. Contact me using the form below or visit my website at www.CareerMogulette.com to begin your journey to infinite career possibilities.


LOTS OF love,

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